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Dean Martin Songs

Dean Martin Songs featured in DEAN LIVES

Some of the most beloved Dean Martin songs are featured in the Dean Lives Show...  


From the early days of Dean and Jerry - to the exciting days of the famous Sands Hotel in Las Vegas - to the one of a kind Dean Martin Show that brought joy into the living rooms of millions!


No matter what the song, you can be sure that Dean Martin didn't appear to be putting any effort into singing it - and we do mean didn't "appear" to be putting any effort in.


Dean Martin was so relaxed and sang with such ease you would think there was nothing to it. In truth, the songs that Dean Martin sang where not as easy as he made them look or sound.


The fact he made it all seem so natural only added to his magic.


No matter what Dean was doing - singing, acting, entertaining - he was always relaxed, always cool, always superb.


The songs below are featured in the 3 acts of the DEAN LIVES SHOW. Click on the names of each song for details, including lyrics.


See you at the show!

DEAN LIVES Act I: "The Early Years"

Dean Martin Songs The Early Years

Act II: "The Vegas Years"

Sands Vegas

Image credit: University of Nevada, Las Vegas, University Libraries

Act III: "The Dean Martin Show"

The Dean Martin Show

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A Salute to one of the most beloved entertainers of all time – Dean Martin


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